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TitleIsland ECC :: A Dynamic English Speaking Church In Hong Kong (view sites with similar title)
Description Skip to Content Skip to Sidebar Skip to Navigation Island ECC New Here? Login to The City Search About Us Messages Connect Grow Contact Give About Us Location Services Pastors Elders Our Staff What We Believe Our History Messages Island Now Podcast...
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Twitter @islandecc
A dynamic, English-speaking Christian church on Hong Kong Island
New sermon posted: "Fellowship With One Another"
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Island ECC :: A Dynamic English Speaking Church In Hong Kong. Skip to Content. Skip to Sidebar.
Skip to Navigation.Island ECC. New Here? Login to The City. Search. About Us. Messages.
Connect Grow. Contact. Give. About Us. Location Services. Pastors Elders. Our Staff. What We Believe.
Our History. Messages. Island Now. Podcast Feeds. Ministries. Worship. Prayer. Men. Women.
Children (0-10) Youth (11-18) Young Adults (19-39) Global Outreach. Local Outreach. Filipino / Indonesian.
Alpha. 2:7 Discipleship Course. Sports. Serve. Sunday Services. Music Creative. Children Youth.
Connect Grow. How to become a Christian. Care Groups. The City. Classes. Share Your Story.
Couples / Marriage. Baby Dedication. Baptism. Membership. Spiritual Gifts Assessment. Contact.
Click above to view a short message from our Senior Pastor, Brett Hilliard. This is the heart of what we're doing here in Hong Kong at Island ECC.
Messages. Island Now. Podcast Feeds. 6 January, 2013 Jehovah Shalom.We all desire to ...

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  1. Island ECC
  2. New Here?
  3. Login to The City
  4. About Us
  5. Messages
  6. Connect Grow
  7. Contact
  8. Give
  9. Location Services
  10. Pastors Elders
  11. Our Staff
  12. What We Believe
  13. Our History
  14. Island Now
  15. Podcast Feeds
  16. Ministries
  17. Worship
  18. Prayer
  19. Men
  20. Women
  21. Children (0-10)
  22. Youth (11-18)
  23. Young Adults (19-39)
  24. Global Outreach
  25. Local Outreach
  26. Filipino / Indonesian
  27. Alpha
  28. 2:7 Discipleship Course
  29. Sports
  30. Serve
  31. Sunday Services
  32. Music Creative
  33. Children Youth
  34. How to become a Christian
  35. Care Groups
  36. The City
  37. Classes
  38. Share Your Story
  39. Couples / Marriage
  40. Baby Dedication
  41. Baptism
  42. Membership
  43. Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  44. Jehovah Shalom
  45. request access here
  46. Now
  47. Serve
  48. The City
  49. Facebook
  50. Twitter
  51. Location & Services
  52. Pastors & Elders
  53. Our Staff
  54. What We Believe
  55. Our History
  56. Messages
  57. Podcast & Feeds
  58. About this Site
  59. Worship
  60. Prayer
  61. Men
  62. Women
  63. Children (0-10)
  64. Students (11-18)
  65. Young Adults (19-39)
  66. Missions
  67. Filipino / Indonesian
  68. Alpha
  69. 2:7 Discipleship Course
  70. Sports
  71. Service Volunteers
  72. Music & Creative
  73. Children's Volunteers
  74. Connect & Grow
  75. How to become a Christian
  76. Care Groups
  77. Classes
  78. Share Your Story
  79. Couples / Marriage
  80. Baby Dedication
  81. Baptism
  82. Membership
  83. Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  84. Overseas Churches
  85. Give
  86. Contact

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